Environmental Policy

Timber is recognised as one of the most environmentally friendly building materials. Timber uses only a fraction of the non-renewable fossil fuels burned in production when compared to PVC and Steel, moreover its natural beauty and tactile quality makes it a must have in today's modern living environment. When consideration is given to the care that is taken in the preparation and treatment of natural wood, together with Mayford Joinery's design, craftsmanship and expertise, the results will be aesthetically stunning, practical and durable.

All our timber is supplied with FSC accreditation. This guarantees that the timber is supplied from sustainable sources with a minimum impact to the environment.

At Mayford Joinery we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and strive to minimise any adverse impacts that our commercial activities have.

We have recently invested in our own saw dust briquette machine. The briquettes and our offcuts of timber are bagged and sold from the workshop to local people. This provides a low cost, eco-friendly supply of fuel, and avoids unnecessary landfill.